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Compact Biogas Monitoring System (Ei3100)

Superior performance and turnkey biogas monitoring solution

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The Ei3100 Compact Biogas Monitoring System is a cost-effective, all-inclusive integrated monitoring system with online data logging that has been optimized for biogas measurements. It is compact, wall-mountable, and easy to operate and maintain, whether used by experienced engineers or non-technical users.

Designed with flexibility in mind, the system is modular and capable of utilizing an assortment of gas analyzers with proven measurement principles to ensure optimal system configuration. The integrated InteliSense™ control and data acquisition software completes the turnkey solution and provides a simple and intuitive user interface, along with a comprehensive communications package and full remote access.


Compact, cost-effective and reliable

  • Remarkably small footprint: general purpose: 13.25 x 11.25 x 7.75 inches; explosion proof: 17.375 x 14.25 x 8.625 inches

  • No air conditioning needed

  • No cabinet purge system needed for C1D2 areas

  • Integrated cabinet heater

  • Vacuum eductor technology eliminates need for unreliable sample pump

Excellent accuracy with fast response

  • Measurement every second

Multiple technologies for optimal gas measurement:

  • Nondispersive infrared (NDIR)

  • Optical (LED)

  • Electrochemical gas sensor

Raw Biogas, Process Control & RNG Applications:

  • Integrated moisture control technology removes moisture from  saturated raw biogas, adds moisture to dry RNG, protects internal components from moisture damage, and improves sensor performance

  • Sensor purge system extends life of sensor, improves accuracy, protects sensor from damage, and comes with factory default programmable timing

  • Integrated dilution system: allows measurement of high H2S in raw biogas

Easy to Operate

  • No analytical specialist required

  • Automatic or manual calibration (zero and span)

  • Automatic correction for interferences

Communications Package


  • LAN or remote access

Available Options


  • Wall-mount NEMA-4X enclosure suitable for general purpose areas

  • Wall-mount Explosion-Proof enclosure suitable for hazardous areas

Multi-Sampling Point Switching System:

  • Up to 4 sample streams

  • Assign custom names to each stream

  • Bypass flow for fast response times

  • Automatic or manual switching

Sampling System:

  • Eductor (for low pressure applications)

  • Sample probe (fixed or retractable)

  • Pressure regulator (heated or unheated)

  • Particulate and liquids knockout membrane

  • Flow controller

  • Sample line (heated or unheated)


  • Analog (4 to 20 mA)

Technical Specifications
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