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Mercury Sorbent Traps - EPA Method PS12B

Simple, cost-effective method of continuously measuring mercury

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EPA Performance Specification 12B (PS12B) sorbent traps are specifically designed for continuous emissions mercury monitoring. This method is one of the most cost-effective ways to measure mercury and enjoy fewer maintenance headaches.

Ohio Lumex's unrivaled QA/QC, ability to customize sorbent traps to any flue gas conditions, and dedication to supporting our customers have all contributed to our status as the most widely used manufacturer in the industry.

  • Specially made for long term sampling (7+ days)

  • The third section is pre-spiked with elemental Hg at any customized level

  • Often specially made to the stack conditions of the source

  • Zero breakthrough and high spike recoveries for extended test periods in "wet" and "dry" stack conditions

  • Halogen impregnated carbon optimizes mercury capture

  • Every trap, as well as its chain of custody, gets an individual barcode

Available Options
  • Sorbent trap length

  • Spike levels

  • Acid gas scrubber sections

  • Filtering techniques

  • Standard or high-flow glass

  • Others depending on flue gas conditions

Technical Specifications
Persee Technical Specs.jpg
Persee Technical Specs.jpg
Typical Applications
  • Hg sampling for MATS compliance

  • Hg sampling for Relative Accuracy Test Audits (RATA)

  • Continuous emissions mercury monitoring

  • Long term sampling

Available Configurations

19" Rack

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Available Measurements
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PS12B Mercury Flyer

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