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Selenium & Arsenic Sorbent Traps

Accurate and cost-effective measurements in a variety of flue gas matrices

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Designed specifically in response to the Effluent Limitations Guidelines (ELG), Se and As sorbent traps can be sampled using the same sampling equipment as Mercury (Hg) sorbent traps, the OLM30B Sorbent Trap Sampling System. The analysis is then completed by atomic fluorescence or atomic absorption via graphite furnace.

Many plants are considering reagent injection technologies pre-ESP to convert gas-phase selenium to particulate-bound selenium so that it can be removed before reaching the FGD. Our Se and As sorbent traps make it easier to obtain accurate and cost-effective measurements.

  • Simple sampling procedure

  • Same equipment used for other sorbent trap methods

  • Can be customized for specific source conditions

Available Options
Technical Specifications
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Persee Technical Specs.jpg