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PyroScience Optical Oxygen, pH, and Temperature Sensors for Life Sciences


Ohio Lumex is a proud supplier of PyroScience optical sensors. These sensors are used in a variety of life sciences including cell biology, toxicology, microfluidics and biotechnology, where oxygen and pH testing are important parameters in applications like 2D/3D cell culture, tissue engineering, organ-on-a-chip, etc.

Here are just some of examples of ways these sensors can be applied:

  • Dissolved oxygen and cellular oxygen demand monitoring in 2D/3D microfluidic cell culture systems
  • Cancer and stem cell research
  • Indirect cell viability monitoring in toxicology screening studies
  • Metabolic evaluation of complex 3D tissue-engineered constructs
  • Hypoxia studies and oxygen level availability research inside organ-on-a-chip systems
  • Oxygen gradients in spheroids research
  • Chip material gas permeability evaluations for microfluidics chip production

These optical sensors are compatible with any of the FireSting optical meter models: FireSting-O2 for benchtop oxygen monitoring, FireSting-PRO for pH, oxygen and temperature benchtop monitoring and FireSting-GO2 for standalone oxygen monitoring. Contactless oxygen, temperature and pH sensors, like sensor spots (self-adhesive and sterilized versions available), nanoprobes, flow-through cells and sensor vials offer non-invasive measurements reducing the risk of contamination or leakage during cell biology, biotechnology, toxicology, etc. studies.

Fiber-based microsensors can be used for spheroid profiling and for oxygen gradient research at high spatial resolution.

For more specific details about the aforementioned life sciences applications, check out the peer-reviewed scientific publications on the PyroScience’s website.

We look forward to the launch of a special single-use line of these optical sensors specifically for the biotech industry later this year.

Contact us for more details regarding the available options and possible life sciences applications.

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