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Mercury Analysis

Challenges with Measuring Hg Emissions Using Instrumental CEMs!

Our previous article discussed key considerations that people who are tasked with making decisions around mercury…

Gloved hand holding gold sorbent traps

Biogas/RNG Sampling Best Practices: Mercury Sampling and Analysis

o help alleviate some of these concerns and address common areas of confusion, Ohio Lumex is…

What Does Mercury Analysis Have to do with the Mass Dinosaur Extinction?

Mercury was linked to climate change causing volcanism that may have triggered the end-Cretaceous mass extinction….

Routine Troubleshooting of the M324 Sorbent Trap Analysis System

Thanks for tuning in. I’m Kelly, and I’m one of the Ohio Lumex instrumentation specialists. We’ll…

Need to do More than Mercury in Air Analysis?

Unequaled in its comprehensiveness, simple analysis procedure, and accurate low-level detection from nanograms per cubic meter…
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