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Mercury Emissions

RA 915M Mercury Vapor-Analyzer on a Drone

RA-915M Mercury Analyzer Used on a Flying Drone for Real-Time Measurements in the Lower Atmosphere

Last year scientists in Italy mounted the Lumex RA-915M mercury vapor analyzer on an Unmanned Aerial…
Graph of Suppression of Hg Oxidation by Ammonia

Can Ammonia Impact Hg Control?

Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) is a process where nitrogen oxides (NOx) are converted to diatomic nitrogen…

Does Flue-Gas Temperature Affect Hg Measurements?

Many of our customers have found Mercury Speciation Sorbent Traps to be an excellent tool for…
Missing the Point

Mercury Control Measurement … for Everyone Else

If you must reduce Hg, what should you evaluate to point you in the direction of…

114 Letter…Oh My!

Recently coal-fired utilities burning lignite were sent “114 letters” from the EPA requesting Mercury Emissions data….
Clay soldiers

Using RA-915M Mercury Vapor Analyzer to Validate Mercury Emissions from Emperor Qin’s Tomb

Due to its high vapor pressure and prevalence in the atmosphere, mercury makes a good geophysical…

Ohio Lumex Contributes to the “Continuous Emission Monitoring” Textbook, 3rd Edition

Our Senior Program Director, Alexandra Sipershteyn, recently contributed to the 3rd edition of “Continuous Emission Monitoring”…

VIDEO: Up! Up! Up! Is Your Hg Concentration Really Going Up? – EPRI 2022 Presentation

In May we attended the EPRI Continuous Emissions Monitoring User Group Meeting (CEMUG) in Indianapolis. In…

Drops of mercury with test tube

Up! Up! Up! Is Your Hg Concentration Really Going Up? Part II

Last time we discussed High Hg upon Startup after a planned or unplanned outage. If you…

Man standing at CEM

Up! Up! Up! Is your Hg Concentration Really Going Up? Part 1

In the lead up to MATS and NESHAP, many were able to achieve mercury reductions as…

Mercury Emissions from Gold Mining

Due to its unique physical and chemical properties, mercury has been widely studied and utilized by…
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