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Innovative Sorbent Traps for Sulfuric Acid Mist Measurement

In 2018, Ohio Lumex published our sorbent trap technique for measuring short-term SO3/H2SO4/sulfuric acid mist concentration…

Advantages of Measuring SO3 using Sorbent Traps vs. Other Methods

Hi, this is Jon Cross with Ohio Lumex. We’ll be covering some of the features and…

Comparing SO3 Methodologies: Sorbent Traps vs. Controlled Condensate

Demand for SO3 measurements has increased within the last several years, particularly for projects related to…

Innovative Measurement Technologies: Power Plant Pollutant & Effluent Control MEGA Symposium Pap

Sorbent trap measurements were essential for coal-fired utilities leading up to and through the implementation of…
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