Sorbent Traps and Sorbent Tubes

Ohio Lumex is the most widely used sorbent trap and sorbent tube manufacturer for environmental compliance.  We earned this distinction by not only providing a superior product, but also the customer support, training, and service that goes with it.  This unique measurement approach is a combination of three components: sorbent traps, sampling technique, and analysis.  


Ohio Lumex is an expert in all three fields and is fully devoted to ensuring our customers' success by guiding them though the entire process. 

Mercury Traps
Mercury Sorbent Traps
HCl & HBr Traps
HCl and HBr Sorbent Traps
Hg in Natural Gas Gold Sorbent Traps
Mercury in Natural Gas Sorbent Traps
Se & Arsenic Traps
Selenium and Arsenic Sorbent Traps
Sulfur Trioxide Traps
Sulfur Trioxide Traps
Ammonia Traps
Ammonia Sorbent Traps
Trap Sampling System
Sorbent Trap Sampling System
Trap Analysis System
Sorbent Trap Analysis System
Dry Standards
Dry Calibration Standards
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Sorbent Traps Product Offerings

Sorbent Trap Application Diagram


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