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Environmental Instrument Rentals

RA-915M, RA-915 Plus, and Light 915 Mercury Vapor Analyzer Rentals from Ohio Lumex

All rental equipment is produced, assembled, and serviced by Ohio Lumex, which guarantees that you benefit from working directly with the manufacturer. You can expect the following when using our rental services:


  • Flexible rental program to meet your needs

    • Daily, weekly, and monthly rates​

  • Up-to-date unit calibration

  • Readily available certificates of calibration and system operability

  • Unlimited technical support from the environmental and emissions monitoring experts

  • Fastest turn-around time

  • Rent-to-own option

  • Expedited service is available

Why rent from Ohio Lumex?

Environmental Analyzer and Emissions Monitoring Rental Equipment:

Ohio Lumex Environmental Rental Equipment Features:
  • Highest sensitivity portable mercury monitors and analyzers

  • Real-time measurements

  • Readings that are minimally affected by interferences due to Zeeman Background Correction

  • Listed on US EPA Emergency Equipment List

  • Meet and exceed EPA and ATSDR standards for industrial and residential remediation, as well as OSHA, NIOSH, ACGIH and MSHA action levels

  • Built-in performance verification test cell in all mercury spectrometers

  • User-friendly, easy to operate

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